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The Northwest Georgia Regional Cancer Coalition (NWGRCC) received a Colorectal Cancer Awareness and Education Grant from the Department of Human Resources for FY2010 to help focus attention on the importance of screenings. In order to address our main goals of colorectal cancer education, prevention, and early detection, we have worked in conjunction with the Morehouse School of Medicine Colorectal Cancer Screening Intervention Program (CCSIP) and the NWGRCC to train six community facilitators from Chattooga, Floyd and Polk Counties. Each facilitator completed a day-and-a-half training session aimed at familiarizing attendees with colorectal cancer, its prevention, risk factors, and treatment with emphasis on colorectal cancer screening guidelines. These three counties are the focal area for the NWGRCC and have the highest rates of colorectal cancer in the region. These facilitators will deliver at least 8-10 colorectal cancer sessions throughout these three targeted counties.

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The NWGRCC with help from Morehouse will be in charge of the community facilitators. NW Public Health Director Dr. Wade Sellers has agreed to have the eligibility evaluations done at health departments in Floyd, Polk and Chattooga counties. NWGRCC and NW Public Health will create the screening form based on poverty levels. If financially eligible, and in the high risk population (50 or older, or with a family or personal history of colorectal cancer), the patient will be given a voucher for a colonoscopy and put in touch with Magnolia to help schedule the appointment, secure the preparation medications, and arrange travel if necessary. Referrals may also come from the Floyd and Polk Free Clinics, Floyd Family Practice, and County Clinics – but all will be evaluated through Public Health to enter the program.

Harbin Clinic Gastroenterology and Rome Gastroenterology Associates physicians have agreed to perform the colonoscopies at no charge for these qualified patients. Floyd Medical Center and Redmond Regional Medical Center have agreed to the use of their facilities and support personnel for a flat fee of $150 each. If polyps are removed, Southeastern Pathology has agreed to prepare and read the slides at no charge. If cancer is found, the gastroenterologists can refer the patient to Cancer Navigators, Inc. to help navigate the patient to the correct financial resources as well as treatment options.

This program is being used as a pilot project for the NWGRCC. The Georgia Cancer Coalition has “suggested” that a colorectal cancer screening project needs to be included in the FY2011 Work Plan. This pilot will allow the NWGRCC to construct an efficient pathway to screening prior to including the other six counties in the region.

Magnolia will be an ongoing charitable entity to provide funding for the initial three counties. The degree of involvement of the NWGRCC will depend upon available funding, but at least through June 2012.

Eligibility / Policies & Procedures

Residents in Chattooga, Polk and Floyd County must contact their County Health Department to apply for the testing. Anyone who has insurance is automatically disqualified from the program.

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